A couple of nights ago I had  little walk around sturbridge.   Sturbridge is the lovely New England town that we now live in.

We have 100 antique shops :-)

These were shot with Agfa Vista, home developed & home scanned.

I hope to do this again soon and show you more, hopefully on a sunny day and not a dreary grey day ;-)

hope you enjoyed this little peek into my town!

blowing bubbles

Delivered this lovely fall session this morning.  We had to overcome rain, cold weather and a tired baby.  We kept hoping for a little bit of sunshine but it didn't happen, this lovely family was super brave in spite of all the hurdles.  Baby J would have much rather stayed indoors snuggled up with his Grampa ;-)

Little S enjoyed blowing bubbles and posing for the camera, mom was as gorgeous as usual, and I always admire dads who just go along for the ride.

We still have some beautiful fall days before New England winter cold and I have a few openings, so please contact me if you are in the area and are interested in a session.

apple festival at the orchard

tractors, donuts, apples, cider and hay rides.

Agfa Vista. Scanned and developed at home.


The kids made their own fishing poles and went fishing with their friend. they didn't catch any fish, but we didn't have a lot of time either.  We must go back.

(I captured it on my 35mm with Fuji Superia and Agfa Vista.  Developed and scanned at home.)

Trearddur Bay in September.

North Wales is not exactly known for it's warm weather, but it is such a beautiful place that we love it anyway.  Also nana lives there, so that makes us very happy!

My kids are set on swimming when they go there.  It doesn't mater how cold the weather is or how cold the water is.

This was shot on Agfa Vista with my vivitar 35mm and the Helios 44-2.  I am not quite sure why I have so much grain in these, but I like it :-)

just for information, this is a really cheap set up, the 35mm was given to me, but you can get it super cheap (less than 50$) and the lens cost 30$, the film was 2$ :-)
Film gear can be very cheap and  you get great results. (it can also be very expensive).

she will swim until it gets dark.  she can easily spend 12 hours a day in the water.

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