I love the cold winter landscapes of upstate New York.

one roll, one kid, once a month.

I am part of a new blog circle this year, called one kid, one roll, once a month, but I am doing three kids & a puppy, one roll, once a month.

please hop over to my professional website where I posted the blog spot:


because I love posts with just random photos from my days at home. today it's about needle felting, coffee and a morning cup of tea.  winters are so cozy and relaxing ( when the kids are not arguing about Minecraft on the PS3)

the coffee machine is just very photogenic, it always sits in perfect light.

naughty chair

when kids don't behave in our house they get a "naughty", which is  sit for X amount of time on the naughty chair.  Some kids spend so much time on it that they get very bored and know how to amuse themselves and whoever happens to walk passed.

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