Live Free or Die (part II).

some more photos from New Hampshire.

Photography has been such an eye opener for me.  Seeing beauty in everything and observing my surroundings.  things I wouldn't even have noticed before.

I enjoyed my new Hampshire visit so much, even if most days were gray and cold, and the trees had no leaves and everything looked barren.

combination of portra 400 and agfa vista on my vivitar 35 + helios 44-2 lens... thank you Josia that amazing little camera.  it's is getting a lot of love.

Live Free or Die (New Hampshire part I)

New Hampshire is such a beautiful free country!

I enjoyed my visit there so much.  Here is a first share of my visit at the farm. These were shot with my 35mm film camera with portra 400 and Agfa vista.  Developped at the FINDlab.

I love that I got the running horse in focus while manually focusing :-)


Today she is twelve.

So proud of my big girl.

one day

tomorrow she is turning 12!

so beautiful, so lovely.  I pray her coming years are filled with joy, laughter and feeling secure.

still working on backlit subjects on film, getting there, slowly.

the little musician

He was explaining to me that when he moves the capo, the sound changes.  and he asked me why his guitar didn't sound like daddy's.  It is impossible to tune this little guitar and I just picked up a new one for him for christmas.

This was my first time developing real Black & White (different chemicals from the color ones, and I was very happy with the result).  Arista 400 | D76

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