looking for starfish

/ September 22, 2014 /
When Noa is in Wales, if she is not swimming or eating fish and chips, she is looking for starfish.  She found a rock pool where there always seem to be starfish.  I took the Yashica mat to the cove and took a few photos of her looking for starfish.  Of course I brought the boys along and got some photos of Mr D.   Sandy refuses to be photographed, but he was there too.

I developed and scanned these at home, I used Ektar100, but I am not sure the colors would look the same if I had them developed by a pro :-)

This post is part of a film-mama circle and I would ove for you to go around the circle and enjoy photos from other mamas and their film cameras!

Jackie is next on the blog circle, and she has some beautiful photographs to share from Montauk, NY!  here is her link

La Ponchardière.

/ September 17, 2014 /
I shot through one roll of film in La Ponchardière, France on the Yashica mat 124.

I love every single shot from this roll. I have been so blessed to be able to spend some time over there the last two summers.

here is what you do on most days in La Ponchardière.

you use the swing as much as possible.

you climb the tree with your cousins and prepare mud pies.

 you eat lunch in the tent. again with your favorite cousin.

 you look after your babies.
you read a book and enjoy the sunshine
 some more playing has swinging
 you ride your tractor
 you chat with Mr Gibert about the weather.
 and you enjoy a girly talk with your cousin in front of Mr Gibert's farm.

most days are spent like this, add some french bread and cheese of course!


/ September 8, 2014 /
Last thursday we discovered a beautiful new place in Anglesey, North Wales: Aberffraw.

We walked along the estuary, played on the beach and did a lot of swimming (including me), then we had Fish'n Chips.

a few hours in Montmartre.

/ September 6, 2014 /
a had a few hours to spare on sunday, and I took my beautiful niece to  Montmartre, in Paris.  We had a lovely time taking photos and eating crepes.

I handed my digital camera to Noa, and I played with my film camera.  Noa mostly took photos of random (blurry) dogs, food and her cousin.   I loved these:

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