New blog

Hi all

I have abandoned this space a long time ago.  sorry.

I decided to start blogging from my photography page, and will be blogging my summer adventures in Wales, England and France  over at

Thank you for following along.


snow day

my poor blog has been abandoned lately, but i just couldn't not share these photos from our snow day.

Waking up to snow is always wonderful, uses you have to be somewhere, but that is rarely the case for me.  I actually love the quietness of snow and the sound of the snowblowers.
this is the town hall that is just across from our house, we can see it from my bedroom window.

walk in the snow

Agn├Ęs's paws got really cold and Noa carried her home.

New Model

she was very good until a handsome German Shepherd came by and she lost all her focus.

random photos from today

A few photo from today,  just for fun

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