Maine coast. Lighthouse & fishing port.

I just received my scans back  from my trip to Maine and I love them.  The New-England grays and blues and the snowy white look so good on film.
shot with my 35mm Slr and helios 44-2 lens | portra 400 | scanned and developed by the FIND Lab.


today we had a little fog and the snow is still melting away.  it is not spring yet but at least it's not snowing, and it is getting warmer.

one kid, one roll, once a month.

This month I photographed Noa making carrot cake.  She was doing a test run for my birthday, and was excited to treat my parents.

There is more on my website:

yashica mat 124 | ultrafine 400 | developed in D76.


Maine. Ogonquit, Wells, the Nubble and York.

I went skiing in Maine, and I couldn't help myself and stop on the cost on the way back.  I wanted to see the port and the lighthouse and coastal house under all that snow.  it was so pretty.

I had my first lobster roll.  I am not a fan of seafood, but I LOOOOVE Lobster.  You can;t really go to Maine and not eat Lobster, right?

I love a fisherman's port.  I love lighthouses.  I love boats. I love the sea side.  I love fresh wind.

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