art day.

this afternoon we decided to take some time for art.  it was nice and quiet in the house.  the rain outside just made it cozier.

Dyllon kept saying:  nana is really going to love my painting.  Love 4 yr old confidence.  Such a contrast with my tween.


this was pretty fantastic yesterday.  So honored to be featured on Mozi-mag.

here is the post:

my dream is to get published in a real "paper" magazine.   ;-)

into the rain

heading out to play in the rain.


A cheap point and shoot and polaroid water case can be so much fun!  I have been taking the kids to the pool every week, and I have to stay within a 3 foot range of Dyllon who has no fear but doesn't know how to swim yet.  An hour of swimming can be very long, but I managed to snap a few photos.  This is Noa and Dyllon splashing while the life guard is wondering what I am doing!

thank you In Beauty and Chaos for featuring this photo on your blog!

Maine coast. Lighthouse & fishing port.

I just received my scans back  from my trip to Maine and I love them.  The New-England grays and blues and the snowy white look so good on film.
shot with my 35mm Slr and helios 44-2 lens | portra 400 | scanned and developed by the FIND Lab.

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