My 5 yo son loves building: kappla or lego, he is always building and creating. He created this nice little house this morning. He cries inconsolably when it falls down, usually because of one little piece that was misplaced, or because someone gave it a big kick, or because i stepped on it when i came to look at him before going to sleep. I NOW understand why my mom would ALWAYS come in my room and look at me sleeping. It's one of the best parts of being a mom. I just love watching my kids while they are sleeping.

Church planting often feels that way... How many times do i have to build again? i cry a little and then put my hope in the Lord, and He fills me with Joy and Hope and Faith. And i start dreaming again with Him.
And, i have to keep reminding myself, He is building His church.
In the meantime, i grow, i get closer to the Lord, and become more and more dependent. Maybe that was just His dream: that i would become more and more dependent on him. What i am doing is small and fragile, but He looks at me and delights in the fact that i can rest in Him.

Keep on dreaming and resting.