Was listening to a message yesterday, and got a great revelation on NOW. NOW belongs to us, yesterday is gone, tomorrow is filled with visions and dreams, but no certainty of what will be there. My relationship with my Beloved Jesus is what it is NOW. Not what i am hoping it to be tomorrow. I have so many hopes and desires of what i want my relationships ( with Jesus, with Graham, with the kids) to be, but i need to live them to their fullness now.

In that perspective, i had a great day. Praying and going in the streets sharing Jesus' love. We did a treasure hunt, and found our treasures, and prayed with them, it was GREAT. One couple matches all the clues on our treasure map: orange top, silver shoes, knee pain, ear pain, and chest pain. How cool is that??? we had a good time with them.

Want so much more of Jesus NOW. And here is a beautiful pic from something i found in my garden. These plant are called the "pope's money" ;-)