This morning was cold and beautiful, we are not used to -12 C in this part of the world.

This morning, we met with our group of new believers in St Etienne, France.
This morning was nice and fresh, and God's presence was delicious.

I have been thinking a lot about success these days.

Planting a church and grow it into a big church has always been how i define success.

I am re-evaluating my definition of success (and failure). I have dreams,  big dreams.
I believe God has big dreams, but God's dreams are, first and foremost, for individuals.
As i was listening to testimonies of God's goodness in the life of these new believers, my heart was just about to burst.
Seeing HIS goodness break through darkness IS what God is after.
Seeing people worship HIM in simplicity is glorious.

My success lies in how much i can enjoy Him, and share that enjoyment of Him NOW.

Success has to be simple, and success has to be attainable for ALL of us.  I want to be simple and keep the simplicity of the gospel.

Today was successful because i was able to be in his delicious presence, and hear of His goodness.
I want more of that. Yes, i always want more of His goodness in my life. I want to continue to dream BIG.
Seems like there is always going to be a tension between the satisfied NOW and the hunger for more!

in His love,