After a horrible sick day yesterday....the three of us spent our night and day running to the bathroom (i'll spare you the details), we were able to enjoy the snow today. We went on a nice brisk walk, and got some fresh air in our lungs.
Oh yes, i also had the surprise to find out that i got hacked on my FB account...argh...yesterday morning on top of being so sick.
The best way to get lots of friends sending you messages is to get hacked and everyone will write to you to let you know, which is really nice, it makes feel loved on a sick day.

So glad the snow is finally there, i was tired of mud and rain and grey and mud and gloom and mud...and...

this is the view from my lounge...nice isn't it?
my very friendly 80 year old neighbour lives in that house, he brought me a wheelbarrow full of starting wood this morning for my fireplace.  he is so nice.  he is very gourmand* so i need to bake him something yummy to thank him.

*gourmand: the word doesn't exist in would translate into something like: loves delicious food. has a sweet tooth.

have a good day