What a trip


I went on a road trip to Paris  and then onto Wales with this boy:

with this girl

with this terror:

and with this man:

I locked the keys and the puppy in the car with the engine ON. We had to break a window to get in.  Have you ever broken into your own car. It was horrible. Oh and my dad tried his trick with a wire, modern cars are not what they used to be.
We broke down at 6 AM.  Came back to my parents place, we were only 15 mn away, i had to push the car and jump in while Graham was driving. I looked very cute, i promise.
My dad lent us his car and we MADE it to the ferry on time. I had to hold my pee-pee the whole way to the ferry though..........

We made it to Wales. I am relaxing now. Tomorrow i will post photos of christmas with my sisters very numerous offspring.

Good Night