88/365. sunshine.


I love sunshine.
I do not love that my backyard always looks like a junkyard in the beginning of spring.
I love stripes.
I love his awesome outfit, snowboots and all!
I love sunshine, did I already mention that?

On tuesday nights and thursday nights I take Noa to ballet, and have to wait around with the boys. On tuesdays I go grocery shopping, which works fine, on thursdays and go for quick trip to the mall, which is ALWAYS a nightmare.  So I was in the mall with Dyllon screaming and rolling on the floor as usual.  All he wants is go up and down the escalator. After another 10mn scene I pick him up and he looks at me and says "I should have had a nap".  Yes dude you should have slept instead of playing in your bed for an hour and a half this afternoon :-)