180|365. 1126 steps. (repost).


we visited the South Stack lighthouse.  It was Grandad's favorite place on the island.  Might be our favorite place too.

 looking at puffins on the cliffs.

 staircase inside the lighthouse (I could look down when we had to head down)
 the window through which the light shines, the handles are for cleaning the windows (not on a windy day)
 the prisms that intensify the light. One 150w bulb can be seen 20 (30km) away.

 the cliffs from the island on which the lighthouse is

 a lot of steps to get back up on the cliffs.
 view from above.

 it's windy

just because I like welsh sheep.
 sunset on the lighthouse.
 a little church on the way back.  John Wesley preached in it.  The church has been renovated into a home, and it's for sale.  (yes I wish I was very rich)