catching up.


We left wednesday morning.  My parents drove us to the TGV station in Paris. Sandy and Dyllon were so excited to be going in the train at such high speed. We then had to catch another three trains before we got to my friend's house.  We then drove home and arrived around 8 pm.

The garden was a big jungle, there were a few cobwebs in the house, and a big turkey had taken possession of my garden and tried to chase me out!

Thursday we worked hard the whole day, weeding and cutting high grass. the kids also did a lot of playing in their favorite tree.  Mr Gibert gave me some fresh eggs, my other neighbour brought me fresh lettuce and radish.

Friday we got the house ready, aired the bedding, prepared the beds for the arrival of my sister and her 6 girls in the evening.

Lots of work:

 old friends:
 fresh eggs
 unwelcomed friends:

 much better!