267|365. on the subject of "floffy" bunnies


Last summer, two bunnies kept visiting us at nana's house.  Dyllon grew very fond of them.   He called them the "floffy"bunnies. Then we travelled to mamie's house and he found 2 "floffy"bunnies on his bed. (stuffed animals.  not real live ones.)
We took the "floffies" down to La Ponchardière, and there Dyllon met Mr Gibert's real life bunnies.  Probably a dozen of them.  They will eventually be turned into a nice roast, but Mr D is luckily unaware of that.  This reminds me of the time Noa (who was then 4 yrs old) discovered that the bunnies were disappearing and she said "Mr Gibert must take them in his bedroom to play with them."  We didn't tell her the truth... and then there was the time that Noa had some delicious meat at his house and again we didn't tell her the truth... but I digress.
"Floffy" bunnies are popular in Dyllon's world, and a book about a "floffy" bunny called Flocon is perfect bedtime/naptime material.