284|365. sad.


Yesterday, monday, we woke up to a beautiful fall morning.  The sun was chasing the mist out, and Cadbury had had no accidents overnight.

We decided to head out to Old Sturbridge Village, we took Cadbury with us, she charmed everyone on the parking lot but she wasn't allowed in the village.  So we drove home, and because it was such a beautiful day, I didn't have the heart to lock her up inside.  We tied her up outside on her lead, in the back of the house, which we had already done a few times over the last week.  She always enjoyed it.
We were out for 3 hours enjoying OSV but when we got home, there was no one on the lead.
The rest of the day was spent driving and walking around the neighborhood and putting posters up and talking to neigbours... and wiping tears...and praying... and wiping some more tears.  Even I had a big cry in the evening.  I already got quite attached to her and felt so sad for the kids.

under the pear tree.  we are still hoping for a miracle.