on the slopes


Early arrival at the mountain, or I think it's actully just a hill.

The kids didn't waste any time, and went out to the slopes as soon as possible.

even Dyllon went out to the slopes.  He now knows how to ski all the way down the bunny hill and stop just by the chairlift without bumping into anyone or any trees.  I was doubtful about such young skiers but he proved me wrong.
I have no photos to show his exploits except his proud face before heading out.  Aren't his teeny tiny skis too cute?
and after 2 hours of going up and down the bunny hill, Dyllon needed a break in the nice cozy Lodge. Sitting by the wood stove and watching people ski is actually quite a nice part of skiing.

I feel so spoiled to be able to this every thursday for 6 weeks.