first coffee.


One of my favorite memories was of drinking my first coffees.  I was 11, it was when we lived in Holland for about 10 months.  We lived in an old Dutch farm, it was super cozy.  Every night my mom would send us to get fresh milk form the farm next door with a real milk jug.  She would boil it and let it sit. In the morning she'd get the cream from the top of the milk and put it in my coffee.  I would then drink my coffee during my homeschooling break (we were homeschooled for that year while we lived in Holland as my mom knew we would go back to France eventually).  The coffee came with Dutch Koek.  A cake made with spices.  Best koek EVER. Best coffee EVER.
Noa has asked for coffee, so I made her one, with lots of frothy milk and a spoon of sugar.  I wish I had some "koek" for her.