Ice cream parlor.


About a month ago, my dear friend Peter lent me his Film camera and my other friend Heather kept nagging me and telling me I should try out film and that I would love it.  So I did.  I tried it and loved it.  Of course, it's still very much hit or miss, but I am learning.
I joined a lovely group of women: film-mama, and we decided to have an all film blog circle.   If you love beautiful film images, you will love going around the circle!

Last saturday it was spring for one day in New England, so we headed out to get some frozen yogurt and I brought the film camera along.  I am going to explain how a frozen yogurt place works, because I know my nephews and nieces in France are reading this and they don't have frozen yogurt places over there.

first you need to try as many samples as possible.

then you choose your flavor

Dyllon's favorite is "minty"

You also choose a topping, there all sorts of toppings.  Noa always chooses gummy bears, I really don't understand gummy bears on ice-cream.  I like crunchy things.

then you sit by the window, in the sunshine and enjoy.

and then it's all gone!

and now, please enjoy Nicole's beautiful work here!

PS: these were shot with a canon A-1 on Portra 400.