road trip


Excited to participate in the second blog circle with the lovely ladies from Film-mama.  If you love photography and are curious about film, I hope you'll enjoy going around the circle.

The kids and I took a road trip to South Carolina.  We live in Massachusetts, so the ride was loooong. Luckily we got to meet friends on the way and it made  a lot more fun. I challenged myself to do only film.  It was much harder than I thought and not everything went as smoothly as anticipated, but I will not bore you with the details.

We stopped in NYC, and had a lovely day visiting the Museum of Natural History. We had hot dogs and falafel, a little walk around Central Park and took a NYC cab.

after lots of driving and visiting some more friends, we were so happy to find spring,  ice cream and Chick Fil-A in South Carolina.

My friend and I decided to pack up the kids and to the beach and we spent a day and half in Charleston.  The weather cooperated most of the time.  A few showers but also some sunshine made the trip even more exciting.

My kids are used to swimming in North Wales (UK) and thought the water was very warm in March in South Carolina.
These were shot on portra 400 and some Fujifilm superia X-tra 400.

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