So I have been playing with film photography.  Still not really sure why I love it so much.  Maybe the colors,  maybe the grain, maybe the slow process, maybe the lovely people I have met along the way, maybe it's the beautiful images I have seen on other people's blogs, I am not sure.  I have been processing them at home and scanning them on a flat bed.  And yes, scanning is really hard, so for my last roll of portra 400, I decided to send them to a pro lab (PPI).  I received my scans last week and I love them so much.

They are far from perfect, the framing could be better, the focus could be a lot better but the colors are so beautiful!

This is my third time participating in the Film-mama blog circle.  As the title says it we are a bunch of mamas who love film photography.  Many of these mamas are super talented, so make sure you circle around all the blogs and enjoy their beautiful work.

Here are my favorite from my last roll:  Mr D and George.

and the last one is just bonus, because I love the simplicity and colors in it!  It was taken on a little walk on a grey day to a lake nearby.

Next in the blog circle is Brenda with some lovely images.