my first roll of medium format.


Today I am participating again in our film-mama blog circle. I love our little group of film shooting mamas :-)
These photos were taken a few weeks ago, when I was still in the US.  I hope to show you some film photos of Wales next month!

I picked up a Yashica mat 124 on Craigslist and I was super worried about whether it would work or not.  I am now really pleased with how well my first roll came out :-)

First a selfie with my new toy.  Portra 160 ( I converted this one, wasn't super happy with the colors, it was underexposed, but hey, it was my first shot, and I am happy that I didn't cut off more of my head with the TLR).
(Processed and scanned at home)

and then I took it to the lake, and took a few photos before we encountered a couple of snakes, and I freaked out.

I think this next photo is probably one of my favorite ever

next on the blog circle is Brooke, I am sure you will love her work!