three kids, one roll, once a month. in NYC.


I shot quite a few rolls of my kids this month and it was hard to choose which one for this project (one kid, one roll, once a month) .  Initially I had shot a roll of black and white for the project , but I am not crazy about the photos, so I will share our trip to NYC with the kids' cousins. We took the ferry to go to Staten Island, and then we wandered through the streets of NYC and had a sandwich along the Hudson in Manhattan.  It was such a wonderful day.  
Please follow the link I am posting at the end of this to go through the blog circle of mamas shooting film and taking photos of their littles and not so littles!  All these mamas have been wonderfully supportive and loving as we are all learning and re-learning to shoot film. 

I know this is a roll of kids, but I included some on NYC  because I am hardly ever in NYC, and I just loved to include the context of these.

This was shot on Portra 400, on my vivitar SLR with my helios 44-2 lens.   (processed and developed by the FIND lab)

 i know this is blurry and all but I just love it :-)

And now I am sure you will love Kristin's work from Kristin Anderson Photography out of Tucson, Arizona

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