When i am with Jesus, i usually have coffee.

Get up, grab a cup of coffee and sit at His feet.  Nice fresh bread and coffee.

Bread and wine in the morning doesn't sound great to me. (now maybe if i had my time with the Lord in the evening i could get wine and bread, except i'd want some good cheese with it). well, all kidding set aside, i love being in communion with the Lord.

I'll just leave this verse with you from my latest time with HIM:

"...that i may gain Christ and be found in HIM" (Phil.3:9)

I want to be in HIM, that every decision I take is from His Heart, from THAT PLACE.
Decisions to speak, to love, to give, to be, to go, to share...


PS: i don't think i have ever had Seattle's Best coffee, but i like the mug. it's one of my favorite coffee mugs. I have so many mugs and coffee has a different taste depending on the mug that i use.  But my first morning coffee goes in the Seattle's Best mug.