Shark teeth


Today my kids got a little confused.  They were talking about our dog, the Faith Dog. Just for clarity's sake: I DID NOT NAME HIM, and i didn't feel a dog's name was worth compromising my marriage on. It took me 10 years but i am wise like that:-)

Faith found the most comfy place in the house (well, ok maybe, just maybe, my bottom could more comfy, but i won't let him find out)

and they said:
His teeth are really shark.  very cute. i didn't correct them, i love it when they make mistakes like that.

Anyway these shark teeth have already eaten, destroyed or chewed a dozen of my kids sandwiches, a sponge, my carpet, my parent's carpet, my dad's plants, my toes, 3 or 4 christmas ornaments, a parking ticket/fine, a pillow, a glove, his basket, 28 pens, my daughter's maths book, and many more things.

My love for the Faith Dog is very, very, very deep, as a matter of fact it's so deep i'm having a hard time finding it.