My kids are into cowboys.  they get daddy's cowboy hat, and they are the coolest people in the WHOLE of Sainte Sigolene...(hum sainte sigolene: nobody in France has any idea where it is, and there absolutely nothing in this village except a plastic factory, 3 bakers and a butcher).
so yeah the cowboy hat gets funny looks:

and now Noa wants an ORANGE cowboy hat. Nobody will notice the homeschooling mom who is 6.1 feet tall with a little girl that has an orange cowboy hat.
She has decided orange is her new favorite colour...mmm couldn't wait for her to get out of the pink, but Orange??? seriously... she wants orange shoes.
At least i should be able to get lots of good deals on orange stuff. Isn't that what's always left over in the shops??
okay so now, how in the world will i find an orange cowboy hat? if you happen to have one in your attic, please let me know!