still hungry


last summer, G brought  a few bags of spicy jalapeno Doritos back from the US...
then he went on a diet and gave me the bags.
i can't just have a hand full, i NEED to have them ALL.  
my jeans don't want me to have them ALL.

this is so cool when you walk with God.
when you answer the hunger He puts in you He makes you hungrier.
I am getting hungry right now,  very hungry.
and i am learning to give into that hunger.
no quantity control.
no control.
I will still fit in His heart.

when you start to walk in freedom, you want more freedom.
when you start in intimacy with Him, you want more.
when you start to experience His delight, you want more.

God likes the fact i want more. He wants me to eat all the Doritos.

the kids and i really love this song, from ihop.